Waiting for you

Somewhere in the unknown, beyond the horizon of what you can see, lies an answer. A disappointingly simple, slightly frustrating answer. One that you have been looking for within the bounds of your knowledge since you can remember. You continue to look because you know it exists – you are not wrong. It is out there, somewhere in the realm of the unknown. 

Nothing is known about the unknown aside from the fact that it is unknown. Venturing into the unknown is the most uncertain journey one could ever take in their life. The first step immediately reorients oneself in a way that then taking a step back may not necessarily mean falling into the arms of comfort. 

Those who have done this repeatedly are familiar with the process of getting to know the unknown. They know the discomfort. They have felt the alarm bells ringing in their mind when fundamental truths are challenged – and let the walls come crumbling down. They have waged wars with their selves forcing their vision to adjust to the new, unrecognisable realm. They can even appear to have transcended the idea of knowing altogether, understanding that all knowns are just unknowns with mapped boundaries.

You, on the other hand, have spent little time exploring the unknown and instead chose to scour all the corners of what you know. Now, more sure than ever that the known will not yield, you turn to the unknown and wonder, for the first time, ‘but what if I fly?‘ 

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