For the one

When it looks so simple and straightforward the frustration can be immense. You must, however, remember that it only seems so simple because you see it so clearly. Your vision, despite multiple attempts at blending into the background, sets you apart. We see the picture clearer every time you speak – and I don’t imagine you ever say anything that you consider life altering. 

I can imagine, however, how frustrating it must be when you are trying to make leaps of your own and they fail to connect the dots. Who do you hate? Them, for failing to see the blatantly obvious? Yourself for the gift of understanding the puzzle miles before the rest of us? The universe for the gap in this knowledge? Fault is stupid. If you think hard enough about anything, nothing is anyone’s fault. 

“‘Cause I know deep down, every poet wants to be loved”

  • Cole

The future is a cruel place to live. The people there are all better and everything often works. Or the people there are worse and nothing works. Or it’s just the same – so much time wasted. The future will never be enough. 

Scientists have now discovered that you cannot observe an experiment without influencing the results. Bending time is a monumental effort that takes a lot of energy – even the willpower of gods has been broken by the sands of time. 

But can’t is just can with extra steps. And everything is impossible until it meets those who will things into possibility. It will not be the first time you have possibled the impossible – and, if you can, then you must. Because it must happen, because it is important. And because you must, you will. But will takes tremendous energy, that which cannot be created nor destroyed – only gathered.

“Why,” they ask, “should I give this energy?” The question itself is a slap in the face when the answer itself is painfully obvious. When the answer is painfully and clearly beneficial to the person asking. When the answer is the only thing the person asking has been searching for all their lives.

But maybe the question should be heard as “I am tired and have little will left to share.” Perhaps the question should be heard as “I have lost more than I though I ever could and still, here I am.” It might also be that the question could be heard as “I only wish to stay alive for now, the rest of this has done enough damage to me.” Then maybe it can be heard as what it is “give me some time, I know I’ll get up – just let me catch my breath.”

But mambo ni mengi, na masaa ni machache – who has time to breathe when the world is burning? It so clearly is – you can see it with your own eyes. Why does it seem like you are the only one fetching the water? I can’t imagine the frustration. 

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