I’d rather we not do this,

I’d rather not be fooled

if ever there was promise,

it sure did have me schooled. 


I see you with that devilish glare

that glinter in your eyes.

The glimmer in that  deathly stare

shows truth behind the lies


And yet I be,

just little old me 

Asleep, aslumber here. 

And yes, I be,

yes, little odd me,

A threat, a danger – dear?


Yes there you go, 

upset once more

At who, what, when and why.

Whichever what which that arose

from those who walked on by. 


And now you turn – on me you turn,

and cast those devilish eyes.

Thinking, really thinking, you could take me by surprise

You huff and puff – and puff and huff,

I have nothing but sighs,

you charge at me – you’ve had enough,

reluctantly, I rise. 

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