Let them know that no matter the consequences it is here that you shall stand. Plant your feet lightly into the ground, ready and nimble, listening to the winds carry whispers of those who plot your demise. And even as they plot, remember that there is nothing to do but be radiant through it all. That your days of battle are long behind you and the arch of time always bends in the direction it should. That now – which is all we have – is nothing but an ever shifting stance. A ground that moves from beneath you the deeper you try to find yourself in it. 

So, knowing this, plant your feet as lightly as you can in the present and refuse to walk anywhere else. Do not let the past fool you, nor let the future call to you. In now, the everlasting, never changing, always different, consistently persistent perspective accorded to you by the, always increasing, set of experiences that you allow your self to have. 

And it cries for more – can you hear it? 

Your self, selfishly longing to know, continues to yearn for yet another experience to lay upon the previous ones. For more data, for more understanding, for more confusion, for more life. Your self, like a child, begs that you let it see, let it feel, let it know. And, like the adult you are, you try to break this desire down into knowable, understandable, countable chunks. How many lungfuls of fresh air in a day is enough to soothe the soul? How many times shall you deep your feet in the river before you call it a swim? Just how long can you hold your  breath before you die from a lack of living? 

The response – not much longer. Not much more. 

Always not much longer, always not much more. 

So you give yourself what you can, where you can. Like a car running just above empty, there is always enough fuel in the tank to keep going but not enough to go very far. These limited trips have affected your perspective on life, making you believe that there is nothing much more to see. Nothing new, nothing to be learned. As a new found groucho marx it is easy to dismiss anything that can be nearly considered as beautiful. After all – there is only so much that can be seen on the outside that isn’t already on the inside. 

But tending to an inner garden involves energy and peace. It needs time and attention. It needs space to grow, heal, contextualise, asses and re-order. All this needs peace, calm and stability in a time when the ever shifting now begins to move again, the future calls for you to fly and the past is weighing you down. The red queen insists that you move at a mammoth pace to stay in the same place, but your feet have been here before and your heart knows the way. 

So plant your feet lightly, ever so lightly, into the ground. 


and wait. 

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