“Your success took a shot at you, what are you gonna do now? You gonna become unsuccessful?”
– American Gangster

“To live a better life, you know as well as I, that falling down is easy when you’re close to the ground.”
– Siffre, For the lovin

Eventually, once you think that you have understood the lay of the land and your feet are well planted into the ground, it will be pulled out from under you. While unexpected you will no longer be afraid of falling – after all, it was from the abyss that you came. 

Still, it will be disconcerting to feel, once more, the emptiness beneath your feet. 

Eventually, you will see that even this idea of a ground is a simple fallacy. That what you trample upon and call earth, is considered home by the worm. That limits only exist because many things need to happen – and you can’t do them all. 

Eventually, after you have done everything you possible could to stay grounded, you will find yourself, once more, falling. 

This time, weightless. 

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