Pass the butter

“oh simple thing, where have you gone?”
– Keanne, somewhere only we know.

Fractals fascinate me. There was a point in my life when I would spend hours watching fractal animations fold, unfold and refold into themselves. What gets me about them is always how simple the progression is. How the more you look and turn a simple idea, the more it morphs into this beautiful monster of complexities – mazes that wind on for hours until even the simplicity disappears. 

Ideas are like fractals. 

Pursue any idea for long enough and it begins to wind into and out of itself exposing contradictions in it’s logic and in yours. Maybe this is why any action, if done for long enough, can show you the nature of the world. Maybe this is why labour continues to be central to identity. And why passing butter is as good a purpose in life as any. It is through the work of our hands that we experience life. It is through the act of living we make life known to ourselves. It is in losing our selves to the simple thing that we find ourselves wading through the nuances, complexities, and densities of human existence. 

“I’m getting old and I need something to rely on”

– Keanne

And when the living of life becomes too complicated a maze to make it out of, it is the simplicity that brings us back to the moment. That reminds us, there is no nuance, complexity or density. Only butter that needs to be passed. 

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