The grounds

By the umpteenth time you bury a dream, the grounds would have become familiar to you. The caretaker will greet you with a compassionate nod, not you – you shouldn’t be here again. Then again – no one should. So rather than belabor the point, they will make you some tea, which you will be glad to have –kindness comes in many ways.

Do words mean things?

By this, do we

Do words mean things?

We, the people….

Do words mean things?

When the time comes you will understand…

Maybe words are ways we glance over what is real. When we say “it was uncomfortable,” what we really mean is that “I couldn’t sit with myself for the entire time it was happening. Portals between the past, present and future were opened up in my mind questioning my worth, my value, my being, my presence.” Or maybe we mean that “I couldn’t feel my leg, the pain had gone beyond what I know into a space of madness” or maybe we mean “it was uncomfortable, a slight nagging that I dealt with quickly and has now left.”

Perhaps words only mean where we found them.

We say, “I picked this ‘hello’ up from molten lava that had barely made it to dry. If you open it up, you will see the layers burned in between the two l’s, how the h holds itself together shows signs of withstanding tremendous heat and pressure for a very long time.”

And we respond “Here’s a ‘hello’ of my own, picked on the sandy beaches of Diani. If you look at its surface, it has been corroded by the repetitive washing up of salty water, the relentlessness of the tide has worn it down, but also made it stronger.”

And we clap and say “isn’t is beautiful?

Isn’t it all just grand?

That we could all have the same hello?”

Even words can’t explain words to themselves.

Which is why the caretaker will offer you none. Just a smile, a nod, a cup of tea and a moment of silence, staring into the eternal void and looking at the eternal question. Soon after, you will both get up and back to the business of busying oneself and filling time with deliberate action, the question forgotten until it chooses to make itself known once more.  

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