What they said

“you got to work on that follow through kid”

– advices

What they didn’t say is what there is in a command. What must means, not that there is a single action that is compulsory in the world. But perhaps, that some actions are unnecessary and counterproductive to  whatever you might be looking to achieve.

This, of course, is something that is easier to understand when you have something that you are looking to achieve. When the only thing you are looking to achieve is approval it can seem like a step too far. 

Too far. 

Already it begins to sound like this distasteful idea of there being places that are unreachable, things that are undoable, places that are unseeable. As if everything is not just the product of patience and repetitive action. As if it is not in the very nature of the world to again. 

“Must” then reminds us that maybe, despite our best efforts, some things might be cast in stone. Or maybe that the human path only has so many variables and at some junctions you will be recognizable. Failure to that, even in your unrecognizable form you will have taken an unrecognizable shape that they recognize. 

“Must” then insits that despite our best efforts. Life can only just be life. That no matter where you go, there you will be – with your shitty follow through. 

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