Mood: Do rockets get sentimental when they lose their first stage booster and engines? Do they have a tearful farewell, thanking them for the work they did to propel the rest of the rocket into space? Do they stop to play a sentimental video and remember the good times, battling with unseen forces like gravity towards finally achieving weightlessness?

If you really want to know what this means, there is a key. I knew the day would come and so I made you one, I left it under the rock by the side of the path that led to your father’s home. A place I have only been to once and have no desire to go back to. I wrote the note in a language that we used to speak to each other. I apologise if the words are a bit clunky and the metaphors a little worn, by the time I started writing the letter I had already began to change. My changing form had already begun to lose grip on the essence of the language and it was in a mad rush to get it done before I completely lost it that I wrote this key.

Of course, the only person i could call to review the accuracy of the key was you, given that the language was ours – now soon to be yours. Seeing as calling you was not in question I did the best I can and inscribed it under the rock – a few simple letters that will make everything clear if read by the right eyes in the right light – which is to say by yours eyes in the light that you alone radiate from within.

You didn’t think I noticed did you?

You spent all your time hiding your shine that you didn’t think anyone would see it. Which is dumb, because if the sun showed you it’s back, you’d still cover your eyes.  I imagine this act of washing a chicken’s legs kept you sane, so I quickly learned to refrain from pointing out that the second you put the bloody cock down it would walk right back into the dirt. 

When you find the key it will be important to remember that everything that is, is. If it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be. And, if that proves to be a mouthful, then maybe that the earth’s escape velocity is 40,270 km/h and the average man tops out at 45km/h – but I had to try.

I had to try. 

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