Get your sandals ready

The secret was in the way you wandered. These sped up snippets that they insist you should write are of little value in the larger scheme of things. The devil was always in the detail and the detail is not searched for – it reveals itself. And it is only revealed to those who linger, who stare at the same spot for a little too long. Who wait for a while until there is a glitch in the matrix. It was these glitches that you were so eloquent in documenting. It was the things that we barely notice that stood out so clearly in your work. The slideshow, the showreel – it always looks the same. The larger archs of the story rarely change and only have so many iterations. 

But the grit. 

The grit is where the beauty lies. Where the humans live. Where there is only questions and further questions. Where a wanderer, like yourself, can continuously unravel towards the truth – a fractal life search that consistently unfolds upon itself revealing unparalleled beauty and a never ending journey. 

It was how you wandered through this never ending journey that captured their hearts. How, for a second, you made them see the timelessness of the journey. To live and dwell and find comfort in knowing that this is it. There is no before, no after – only now. But even that paraphrasing pales in comparison to the authenticity that was your delivery of the secret. 

That is, until you began to focus on the delivery and take fewer walks. Did you notice, I wonder? When it began to fade away, as you took a step back from the beauty to focus on the larger archs? Did your feet yearn for the path once more, or was the distraction enough to keep you churning out whatever you needed to stay distracted? 

It doesn’t matter. 

Nothing ever does, nothing ever will. Except, maybe the flapping of a butterfly’s wings as it lands on another petal, for the infinite-th time in the history of the world. Another butterfly, 

another landing, 

another petal, 

another moment


Take a walk today. 

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