Slower is faster

You will know it is your time when you begin to see the signs. When the sound of the world is the beat of your heart and the musicians are belching out your problems. When the winds of the global politic turn, sending water over your farm that it may rain.


You will know that the world is moving in your favour when the hardness in their eyes is replaced by a questioning – then by an openness. When the chaos makes itself apparent to you and the despair looks like nothing but empty panic.


The time will make itself known to you in the taste of water, the pleasure in food and the delight in conversation. It will appear as the resurgence of life, as a new found curiosity, as something that you had forgotten bringing itself to the forefront again.


The omens will all tell a story and when shoulders will grow weary of bearing the weight of your dreams. When your body burns for rest but the pursuit says “not yet.” When the only question between you and everything you have ever wanted is “can you hang in long enough to get there?”


And by the time you know it will be too late to change the direction of the wind or the seed that will flower. By the time you know you will be a hundred years too late and too cognizant of the fragility of the space to turn your eyes from the signs.


By the time it is your time you will have no time and it will be all the time you need.

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