Soft Landings

(a prayer)

“regrets collect like old friends,

here to relive your darkest moments”

Shake it Off, Florence and the machine

“Fallin’, dreamin’, talkin’ in your sleep

I know you want to cry all night, all night

Plottin’, schemin’, finding

Reason to defend all of your violent nights”

Violent crimes, Ye


And when we remember

may we always be careful to remember the humans.

May our mind be kind to the ways we crack,

the ways we break,

the ways we are broken,

the ways we have broken.

And when we go back the river

may we see our reflections on the surface

no matter how turbulent the waters seem.

May our prayers be received

by a listening god

and dormant devils.

And when the time comes

(because it will come)

let us remember that before

and after are only ways

to give order

to that which we cannot


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