How to hunt a Springbok

Before you embark, it is important to note that this will be no easy task. The Antidorcas Marsupialis, or Springbok, have adapted to harsh territory. Their uniquely shaped horns allow them to easily pierce through any defensive flesh. Their powerful legs allow them to jump high and run fast. Coming from a desert with little water, they can survive longer than most without needing to rehydrate.

Still, you’ve set your sights on hunting this thing. So here we go.

The first thing you must do is find the silver fern, you will dab the tip of your arrows in its juice and use its leaves for wingtips. Often confused for a white feather, the leaves of the Cyathea Dealbata reflect the moonlight, creating a white streak as the arrow flies. Legend has it that the using them as wingtips not only reflects, but channels the energy of the moon – guiding the arrow as it cuts through the dark.

When you come upon a herd of springbok you must remember one thing: never spook them. Known to reach speeds of up to 88kph, to startle a bok is to risk it scampering off. Instead, approach slowly from downwind – never letting the bok out of your sights. If it moves three paces to the north, then you move three paces. Even if you are as far back as 17 paces and it is only a speck in the distance, you never stop closing the space between yourself and the beast – the hunt is a hunt of endurance, not of speed.

At some points in the chase it will feel like the deer is getting away, with such high top speeds, it will run off. Especially under pressure. Do not let up. Do not slow down. You are trying to wear it out (remember, you too are wearing out – to let your foot off the gas is to make your task harder).

You will notice the first signs of fatigue in its shoulders, the second they begin to dip, you start closing the gap between you and the animal. If you are watching closely by now you will begin to notice a few missteps. You must increase the intensity of your pursuit with every misstep. Close in. But, noting your own fatigue, do not close in too quickly. Rather, slowly and methodically work your way towards it at an acceleration that you know you will be able to maintain to the end of the chase. Beyond this point there will be no room for error.

Start to reaching for your arrow.

The heart of the springbok is located just under the neck and between the front legs. For this purpose, you will need to be facing the animal dead on when you take your shot. As soon as the animal begins to stumble, circle to the front, steady your hand and shoot.

You will have once chance, but if you do it right, you should be no less than two paces ahead of the bok when it dies.

Note: this is not actually how to kill a springbok.

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