To whence do your dreams come from?

Mood: Until it was discovered to be divisible, the atom was the smallest possible particle in the universe. It was only after the great division that the proton, neutron and electron were proclaimed the smallest. This greatly angered the quark, who had been silently plotting rehearsing their acceptance speech for the big day when they were finally discovered. Over the years the quark watched silently as the trio carried themselves around with pride, ignorant of the quarks that kept them going. So great was this anger that when the quark was finally seen by humans they went particularly out of their way to move the lens from the electrons and protons and to themselves. This, of course, greatly angered the higgs particle, who had been…


What is the composition of a dream, and how are dreams acquired?

I ask this because it is impossible to think of freedom without thinking of dreams. Which is to say, until we are free – we dream of freedom. Which is to say that dreams are the realm of freedom. And, until we know from whence our dreams come can we begin to see what freedom means to us.

In this way the dreamers are the gatekeepers to freedom.

Perhaps this winding shows how, in pursuit of freedom, we seek to project our dreams onto the world. And how, in projecting our dreams, we show how we see. And in showing our sight, our blindnesses are revealed. What happens to those who live in the blindspots of our dreams? And how do we make room in our freedom for the freedoms of others?

“If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be”

― Yogi Berra

“it was all part of the story, even the scary nights”

Violent crimes, Ye

The more the outside world reflects the world of our dreams, the more we become free. And the free-er we become the less free those invisible by our dreams become. The more their bondage fuels their dreams. The more they try to impose their dream upon the world – making room for their dreams. The more we, invisibled by their dreams battle for the shared dream – reality.


Now that I have your dreams, what would you I do with them?

The cloths of earth

I have never known how to weave dreams into freedom. No matter how I try, the tough substance of fear always crashes my upright posts. And the hollowness that a shaft beam needs to absorb the pride of another’s dreams when juxtaposed against one’s is absent in my loom. Of course these things happen when you are working with a rickety hand me down that one is in the process of upgrading.

“they say I’m going crazy, but I’ve been here before

And I’m doing pretty good as far as geniuses go.”


Still, the art of weaving is one that has been around for centuries. And the people who are known masters of this alchemy have broken their own dreams on their looms repeatedly trying to make the perfect quilt.

The perfect quilt that others may stay warm in this cold world and dream – of freedom.


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