No mistakes


Jump in the scraps

fight for a piece

rough em up.


Jump in the scraps

fight for your peace

fix em up.


I died once to bring you freedom. It was an accident to be honest. And to try call it more than that is to paint myself as a saint. Still, the weapons of karma make no mistake. Which is to say that perhaps I was destined to die in the pursuit of freedom, and that the incident was that the pursuit that killed me was the pursuit of your freedom.

I say all these words to say that my death, while in pursuit of your vision of freedom, was also in pursuit of myself.

It’s an odd feeling to have to go through someone else to arrive at your self. It is either they give you the keys to the journey, or you get there by navigating the minefield that is another person.


“what I forgot

is better than whatever

they remember”


The thing we lose on the way to ourselves might never been meant to have make it there in the first place. Unable to survive the fire of another’s terrain, one must wonder why they are carrying everything whatever they are carrying in the first place.

Still, the harder question becomes – who placed you between me and myself?

The channel between the 9 and the 10 is the most important channel in any rugby game. A 9 and 10 working in tandem control the pace of the game bringing the forwards and backs in and out of play seamlessly, like an orchestra. Every once in a while a stray player finds themselves in the sacred channel (more often than not a frustrated forward). It is in this moment that fate is decided. The orchestra has been stopped and the violinist has jumped to the front. At this moment they must either play their heart out – or fumble the ball on through, bringing the motion and momentum to a stop. It is at this moment when a cardovillian coach will be heard shouting from the sidelines “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” 

“Taking control, of course” is not a response when you are in the wrong channel in the middle of a minefield. Also because there is little time to respond to any questions when you are in the middle of a minefield. Being in the wrong channel in a minefield most likely means, “BOOM!”


Another piece missing.

I must be close.

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