A Pause

If you have been reading these meditations on freedom then perhaps by now you have realized that freedom is a multifaceted concept. And the idea of freedom cannot be seen as meaning “without consequence” for to be without consequence is not to exist.

To be without consequence is to say “I was never here.” To say this is to pursue non being and, since you already are, this really is as useful as washing a chicken’s legs.

And if you know this then it really isn’t a long leap from there to understanding that freedom is a concept.


And that the domain of concepts is the mind.


You take this to mean that you can will anything into existence.


It doesn’t.


Because to will something into existence to assume that it wasn’t there before. And to assume this is to have forgotten something.

So increasingly we begin to realize that it is about memory, remembering and re-membering.


And we ebb

And we flow

And we ebb

And we flow.

That’s just the waves.

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