Keep Dancing

I would like to propose a metaphor.

Let’s assume that you exist.

Not only that you exist but that your existence is consequential. That your actions will actually have an impact on the world.

Now, let’s build on this assumption and say that you exist within a given context. And that the world around you took as much part in shaping you as you have in shaping it. That the things you have let in were there before you were – and will be there after.

That we are only a part of everything else.

Now let’s say that you find yourself in a dark hole, devoid of context. Panicked, you begin to expel parts of yourself to fill the void. Parts that you had gathered from your earlier contexts. Would the fragments within you create a clear picture? Or would you find yourself floating amidst half formed illusions? Two cushions from that sofa, the pillow from your side of the bed, a half prepared sandwich and what looks like a remote control with no batteries. You use looks like because there is no device to use the remote with. Just a remote – and no batteries.

(what is power?)

Now let’s assume that the void consumes faster than you can expel. And that with no contexts to absorb you find yourself  gaining the void. As the emptiness outside begins to see itself mirrored within, so you begin to see more of yourself in the void. And, being an adaptable being, you begin to change, to morph, to move like the void.

(what is power?)

There are only four colours in the world – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Of these only three are actually colours. Black is more the absence of colour. The absence of any light reflecting off the surface. With nothing to echo – and nothing echoing you – you can feel yourself becoming an absence.

“and when we lose ourselves, once more we are lost

And when we found ourselves, once more we are found,

And when we dance, we dance to remind ourselves that

Our feet are still trying, and our hearts are still breaking.”

  • Time

Let’s assume that you once knew how to dance in the bathroom – but they have since taken away all your mirrors. Would you keep the rhythm? Or would you stop, unable to hear the music?

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