When it comes down to it we are only asked to carry everything that we can possibly carry and then some more. With our hands full(ly) extended into the future the acid rain burns our palms, erasing the psalms we etched when we still knew how to clench our fists.

Eventually, of course, this becomes uncomfortable in some ways. Our hands grow tired of burning, and, while it doesn’t matter, our minds have often reached the end of the tether as well. Unhinged, uncared, unseen, unimagined, untethered – we begin to scratch and scrap our way back to the beginning. Thinking that perhaps, if we unraveled time far enough we could understand why it is impossible to calculate its circumference. And, if we can’t get around it – how can we possible even claim to want to try and conquer it?

But maybe even getting to conquering is taking it a step too far. Mountain hiking packs were not designed for soldiers to go to war in but rather for mountain climbers to survive their own self destructive urges. So to say that we will conquer while we continue to carry everything else that weighs us down is to ask everything of ourselves – and then some more.

And when we fail to have more to give ourselves we have no one but our selves to blame.

And when we blame ourselves we place a straw on the camel’s back, hide, cover our ears and yell “fire in the hole!”

How expensive is a veterinary chiropractor? #AskingForACamel

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