e-god (egod? egoed)

It’s easy to see how the sun was seen as a god by many cultures. Now, given things we know and take for granted, it seems a bit odd. But, watching the sun set over the misty green interspersed with city, it’s easy to see this. Perhaps in this same way, humans will sit somewhere and think “it’s easy to see how the consciousness became their god. Now, given the things we know and take for granted it seems a bit odd. But, knowing the difficult nature of the ego…” I do not know how to finish that sentence. I have never been to the future. I have tried severally but every time I get there I’m late and it is already the present. This used to frustrate me but I have been toying with wonder rather than control recently (will report on findings of said study).

What is god but an ego unchecked?

What has man built that god has not wrecked?

Other popular gods include animals, paintings in the sky, large men and bad guy characters from children’s animations. These gods, across the board possess certain characteristics. Allness and everythingness are important. Also, an element of everywhereness, all seeingness, or all knowingness is also important. Knowledge, from god’s perspective, is perfect and contains every capable context possible for every situation between every being for all time. Perhaps this explains the extremities. Extreme anger, extreme good, extreme generosity, extreme kindness, extreme strength – just a lotness in general. Sometimes, they are surprised – but only by other gods (and to be honest, wasn’t this just mainly the Greeks? And what they really had was a god like parliament – makes for much better entertainment to be honest).

Whose god sent you, tell me their name.

Whose god sent you, show me their shame

What we all seem to agree on is that some gods must have been lazier than others. Or maybe not lazier but had different personalities, different ways of treating their. Like, the white god must be some kind of abusive – he lets it winter there for months. I can barely stand July in Nairobi. But, he did give them guns – so he is not all good for nothing. Maybe our gods are disappointed at us. Like any other African parents “look at them, they couldn’t even beat Yaweh’s kids at a simple game of conquest, now every-time we go for dinner Yaweh is talking., he just keeps talking, he never stops.” Meanwhile, we’re looking back at them like “well, if you had given us guns though…”

Which gods do you speak of?

Whose love do you possess?

Whicb magic holds your feet up,

When all you need is rest.

Where do you lay your head

Upon which lie do you lie?


Now tell me a story

A story once told

Of how what was ash

Turned into gold


Now tell me a story

A story once told

Of the meek and the scared

Of the strong and the bold


Now tell me a story

Don’t stop till you’re done

Tell me the story

of how you see your sun.

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