From their slumber

They woke the sleeping giants from their eternal slumber.

The great protectors of the realm, once silenced – stripped of their power, had gone into a thousand years of sleep. And it is during this sleep that they ravaged the land, stripped it of its minerals and its vitamins. Left it barren – unable to give life to the people.

And the people

the people

The people tore their garments and raved in the streets. Drapped themselves in sackcloth and looked to old gods forgotten. And gods, gaining men, gained power. And they used this power to stir controversy in the sleeping protectors dreamed. Filled their slumber with terrors of the night.

In this way, the protectors knew it is was time. Time to come alive. Time to end their sleep. Time for them to, once again, defend that land that was taken from their custody at the end of the great war. Time to take back the minds. Time to take back the hearts. Time to take back the imagination, the freedom, the frames, the language, the peace, the power, the control. Time to give the land back its due, to set spark to the sun that life may grow anew.

Time to bring the future to the present.

Now the ground trembles as the sleeping giants stir. And the people – those that know – sit in silent celebration, for they know it is coming.They have heard the rumble, they have felt the tremors.

And the people

the people wait

in bated breath

as the giants take their place.

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