By the Neck

There’s a latent pervasive assumption that’s false. Yet somehow because it pervades we don’t see it. It is like the thing that should be most apparent becomes the thing that we refuse to see – instead we trade in the current sea – currencies of now being passed to each other in dark alleys. Vulnerabilities broken and shattered. The things and the people we become slowly becoming us. And the more we chase the beginning, the further we find ourselves from the end

The further we find ourselves from the end the more we wish that it was over.

Perhaps because of the nature of broken telephone there is very little space within the current frames. Perhaps it is latent assumptions that define frames, and in destroying the assumptions we find ourselves destroying the current frames. Frames – the things that hold now together. If time is just a series of passing ideas, then we are trapped by the knowledge of the day.

The thing is the things that should be apparent make themselves apparent. And there’s only so long that one can hang by a noose before their bowels give way.

oh shit.

There I go

Volunteering, punish me,

Self inflicted pain,

way overused

– Put me Through, Anderson Paak

But who’s to blame for the death penalty? The hangman, the judge, the queen or the law?

You walk yourself to the gallows.

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