Ideological half lives

“Came back with flags on coffins screaming ‘we won! We won!’”

  • Fallout boy

What’s the half life of ideology? How long does it take for the whispers to slowly gather themselves into the collective force of thousands of voices? How many times is the chain of truth distorted. Does the ideology, like any whisper, continue to dilute itself as it travels?

“I hear the whispers, getting louder in the streets of the inner city”

Tarrus Riley

How many generations does it take to dilute an ideology? Will it simply disappear somewhere into the night? Or will it slowly become the essence of life. A frame so defined, and engrained, that it is invisible. A thing that happens because it has happened for so long that no one considers unhappening it.

“there is nothing more powerful as an idea whose time has come”

  • Proverb

What about an idea whose time is done? Is an idea out of its time more vulnerable? Or an idea that, while still a whisper – isn’t sure if it is situated in the future or in the past. Do ideas get late? Do they try, as hard they can, to find themselves in the right place at the right time? Or are they, as we all are, at the mercy of time, fate a circumstance?

Do they panic?

Do they run around, frantic, unable to understand?

Do they get complacent as time wears itself on them?

Do they stop bothering? Discard the detail?

Perhaps it is the 11 year cycle. Controlled by the volatility of the sun they find themselves gathered. Ideas spread, become ideology and slowly seep into the people.

With each whisper ideology gets stronger.

With each whisper ideology gets weaker.

We keep listening.

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