Look up. Step up. Meet the challenge. Get hit. Fall down. Look up. Step up. Get hit again. Doubt. Spiral. Try to start again. Falter. Reject. Fail. Wander. Dance. Get hit again. Look up. Walk. Stagger. Take a step. Fall. Get up. Fall. Get up. Fall. Wallow. Roll around in the mud. Get your clothes dirty. Learn to clean your clothes. Try not to look up. Tell yourself that up doesn’t exist. Resist the temptation. Look up anyway. Get up. Step up. Meet the challenge. Get knocked hard. Harder than you ever thought you could. Survive. Look around. Get up. Develop a god complex. Ride the wave. Grow expand. Take the hits. Get knocked down. Lose your god complex. Keep going. Keep getting hit. Fall down. Stumble. Develop impostor syndrome. Doubt yourself. Stay down. Watch others keep going. Wallow. Breath, Recuperate. Recover. Look up. Step up. Step down. Doubt. Step up; tentatively. Feel around. Look for solid ground. Falter. Doubt. Falter. Look up. Get up. Get hit. Fall. Get up. Get hit. Fall Get up. Get it. Stay up. Grimace. Smile. Get hit again. Stay up. Get hit. Take a step. Get hit. Step up. Meet the challenge. Make a breakthrough. Coast. Cruise. Get hit. Get hit. Get hit. Get hit. Get hit. Get hit. Get hit. Get hit. Fall. Grimace. Smile. Look up. Step up. You’ve been through this before.

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