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Since I am about to tell you a story that is both truthful and without substance I might as well begin with a proverb. One day in the middle of nowhere there was nothing. Nothing to begin nothing to see, nothing to do.

Where were you?

The simple truth is that there is nothing more to do when you have found yourself lost and without a place to look. Sometimes instead of walking forward you might chose to do something simple, like sit down. Or maybe you might decide that buying a pair of shoes will help. But it can’t right? Because no matter how many times you throw yourself at a form of escape you must come back out into the world. Every time you try and hide they pull you out. Violently sometimes, sometimes even without telling you that it is time to come out. You find yourself, like many other places, without a name, or a thing that you can call your own. So somehow it makes send that you find yourself seated on the ground, waiting for an answer from the gods that you used to believe in, but now mock.

And they mock you back. They watch you and say “look at him now, wishing he had a god.” But gods without men are nothing more than empty ideas of power without anywhere to go to. And men without gods are like mumblings of the renegotiation of what forward might possibly mean – dangerous.

At some point you will have to go back to the real world. You will find yourself lost and yearning for some contact from the people cut off.

You know what lies for you there.

You know there is nothing more for you there.

But, like that musician, you are not sure if you want to be alone in desperado.

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