And Back Again

No one moves gladly forward through time. Instead the future approaches us with unrelenting speed and we haven’t learned how to run away fast enough.

But we still keep running.

A silent man is seen hidden behind a tree. He is not part of the conversation but he does know a few things about running. In a past life he won a few medals and continued to surpass his peers in competition time and time again. In silence he watches as time continues its relentless assault on the runners who fight its inevitability like a child runs away from an inoculation. Except time protects us from nothing except the passage of time.

Which is to say there is nothing to fear but the fear of the inevitable. As things are they will be. As things are they will be. And will continue to be. Those who have learned to analyse the assault of time and position themselves in the more passable positions quickly begin to anticipate the next wave. Here it comes, where shall I be? Sometimes, they take a pause and stand by a tree watching as time continues on the unsuspecting.

On those who quantify and analyse and try to control what is constant.

What do you know about time? Except maybe that it is cyclical. Everything that begins, ends to begin to end once more. Like the never ending cycle of day and night so everything else continues to cycle. This is how we know that it will need to be done again. Because the work of understanding time only begins to end to begin to end.

And when it is all over

we shall once more inherit

a generation of cracked souls

for whom we must erect new

monuments and compose new

anthems od praise and the eternal Hope of Life

beyond the recurring stupidity of war heroes.

 – Kofi Anyidoho, Desert Storm.

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