to Appease the Humans

Bring your gods,

Bring them so that we may

feast on the blood of immortality.

Bring them so we may devour them

and bury them in a sea

of error and chaos

that was created by their dreams.

Bring your gods

leave none behind.

Lay them at our feet that we may,

one by one,

examine them.

Hold them up to the light.

Poke and prod.

Bring them so we see whether they crumble

under pressure.

You called them gods didn’t you?

Are they not the ones that you have

decided are beyond reproach.

The mighty shoulders upon which you built

your vast empire?

The kings and explorers who raped and pillaged

for you to live in abundance. Those who

smiled on you with a simple condescension.

You don’t know the world

You don’t know the world.

Those who you refused to challenge because

what they gave to you made it easier

to turn a blind eye.

You didn’t want to know the world.

You didn’t want to know the world.

Where are they? Where are they hiding?

Where have you hidden them?

Where are the statues you have erected in their honour?

The wings in hospitals that you have written their names


As if somehow you could cleanse them of the blood

that their hands travelled around the world

on cargo ships.

Where are your heroes?

Those who came to save us from civilization

bound in books with words that we

could barely understand

from a culture

that we never knew existed?

Reach out to them,

find them,

tell them we have received this


And we would like to thank them.

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