She who spoke

It’s interesting how difficult it has been to begin this letter. So maybe a question. Do you often sit and wonder how many times you have had to say the same thing to the same people who continue to do the same thing? A silly question, I know, but one that I thought I’d ask none the less.

Let’s say there were six different paths. On each path set levels of resistance, ranging from 1 to 6, with one being the least resistance and six the highest, which path would you take?

Plot twist: there is no reward, each path only leads to the same place that every other path leads to.

Except maybe it doesn’t.

What do you think of more, the journey or the destination? Do these thoughts pick you up when inevitably, you are in a situation that was designed to interrupt? I ask these questions with awe. Having stood at the crossroads for a long time I now know nothing more than that there are cars that drive right by, speeding away, and there are those that stop asking people if they need a lift, if only to the next junction.

Does your car get full?

Do you roll down the windows letting the wind move through all the pathways that your hair has created for your mind? How do you keep all the backseat drivers at bay? Is there a secret potion that we are yet to discover?

I often wonder about the moon. There’s something about how it sits silently in the sky, giving us second hand energy from the sun to help us navigate the darkness. It’s like it knows that there was no way we could find our way through the dark without help. And, in knowing this it also knows that it will have to sit and watch us stumble, every once in a while sending the waves to remind us to breath.

Is the reminder to breathe something that you’ve set on your phone? Perhaps somewhere between time and memory. Time and memory.  Is memory anything more than a shard of time torn from its source and hidden in the pockets of the boyfriend jacket that cost a lot more than it should have but lasted longer than expected? Do the pockets of your boyfriend jacket get heavy?

Perhaps you transfer all the little pieces of time that you have gathered to the boot of your car. Perhaps this is why you drive slow, stopping at every corner. Here, you say, have this piece. It is special it came from the Cindi galaxy right off Mayweather road. It is known for its special healing powers and was made with you in mind.

Do you see the smiles on their faces as you drive off, windows down and wind tugging at your brain?

Let’s say there were six different paths. On each path set levels of resistance, ranging from 1 to 6 with one being the least resistance and six the highest. How much fuel would you need?


A Dependent Observer

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