Questions on Love

  1. How is love measured? Can I send for a gunia of love from marikiti? Or do the middle merchants swindle those who grow it?
  2. Is love transferrable?
  3. If, say, a person had several ounces of love, the purest kind, would they be a target?
  4. What if everyone had a secret stash of love hidden away? Who would be the target?
  5. Who would do the targeting?
  6. Is love transferrable?
  7. For the sake of argument let us assume that there was once a rope and a pencil. Let’s say the rope was tied to the pencil and then taken by an angry toddler and flung far out into the distance. Who is to blame for how far the throw went? The rope, the pencil or the child?
  8. (note: the weight of the pencil added to the efficiency of the throw)
  9. (note: the rope made sure that there was enough between the child and the pencil for a throw)
  10. (note: The child was very angry)
  11. Was that question about love?
  12. Is love a rope, a pencil or a child?
  13. I once saw two men kissing, their bodies oblivious to the world around them. Does love take notice?
  14. Does the meteorological report predict that there will be love next season? Or has wave pollution distorted the frequencies of love?
  15. Do the hunters of emotions still look for love to capture and release? Or was it declared a protected species by the people who preferred fear?
  16. Is love transferrable?
  17. If a pencil and a rope co-opened a shop with a for sale sign outside the window, would you buy love? Would you tweet about it?
  18. Or would it be an exchange? Where people trade different types of love and find a love that suits them.
  19. Does any love suit anyone? The rope has been at the shop for 38 years, they are yet to see a happy customer.

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