It’s often not the jarring that is most interesting to observe but the subtle. The way small changes over a period of time manifest into larger schemes that, eventually, change everything. Not much but perhaps to say that one day there was a cat and a rope. The next there was a cat and a cradle and further forward and further forward until one day there is a magic wand and a book of spells.

It’s the further forwards that become of interest to see.

It is the rope being woven by hands over generations of time into a cradle. The cradle becoming a puzzle. The puzzle being turned over by minds for decades until it is a question. The question being asked again and again until the cycle of asking gathers enough stardust to launch it into creation of further questions. Neurons firing against each other in a wandering mind. Messages sent to furious fingers over a keyboard. A journey to lands beyond the beginning of the edge of curiosity to find the perfect branch, to curve into the perfect wand.

Maybe to say there was once a cat and thus there was a wand is to take away from the magic of the wand itself. Without its history the wand remains another branch to be crushed by the golf ball that strayed too far from the green and has now forever lost its home.

With no control of its own fate the ball now rolls around the edges of the Nairobi club waiting for a glimpse of the past that it once had.  And, in waiting, it begins to watch. And, in watching it realizes, it’s not often the jarring that is most interesting to observe but the subtle. Like a broken branch that glows with the warmth of the moon.

Anagnorisis (noun): the critical moment of recognition or discovery 

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