They will tell you

the work you are


is a drop

in the ocean.


Remind them,

that even drops

cause ripples.


Still somehow conversations have becoming something that we have decided to look at as ways to destroy each other. In a silencing nation we wonder why people don’t speak. Silencing, I have been told is a heavy term. Still, students remain suspended for having different views.


In a discussion I am reminded that my generation is doomed. That entitlement and hatred has corrupted all and that nothing can stop it.


Love, I am reminded is only accorded to the simple. The complicated must remember this. Major Lazer echoes – all we need is somebody to lean on. Still, one wonders if it can be that simple.

A youtube show emerges. Conversations slowly build. Still, we try to imagine a world where speaking is imaginable. Where the wagging of tongues doesn’t destroy.


A fist, raised a fist, raised a fist raised a fist.

Ripples collide.

(Master, I have heard them sing, the tempest is raging)

Waves, become waves become waves

at sea a single ship bobs

barely afloat

sending signals

in morse code

hoping someone



they say,

there is rest

and warmth

for everyone.

Breathe; before

you drown.

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