It’s something that begins at some point, and ends at another. Information that had once been hidden from us but has recently been revealed following extensive testing  on a spherical object in a vacuum. Presenting the perfect conditions for disaster led to the discovery of the elusive process.

We always knew process existed.

We’ve measured it in the labs, we can feel it’s presence impact everything around us. We can account for it, in almost everything. Still it has mainly been a theory. Unseen by humans and untouched by human inventions we found ourselves incapable of knowing for sure.

And what’s sure if not a 80% chance of being completely wrong?

Process was initially theorised somewhere before the beginning of time by a popular scientist, whose name later went to be erased by the sandman amidst the escapades of trying to create the perfect triangle (we now know the poorer attempts of this as pyramids). It quickly gained popularity as an idea and would have been glimpsed sooner if the barrier reef hadn’t fallen across the distance between that last phone call and several traces of heartbreak.

Still it was something that needed to be mapped and everyone agreed, but other things became important. In an every expanding universe, and with the cosmos being chaos, budgets for the exploration of multipersonalethnoreligiousintraconversationalrelational studies were cut. An outrage, yes, and there were protests and letters and poems. But governments being as governments are the first glimpse of the key had to be postponed to a later date.

But as with all things that are completely necessary society found itself lacking in some knowledge. Unable to move forward with the advances necessary to properly call itself a modern society – a scale that is measured in contrast to all other societies in the universe and has been found to be both competitive and utterly useless. Still, without arbitrary standards to hold ourselves to what would we be but a people who love and respect each other – laughable at best.

So 30 years ago, under the guidance of the moon, a team of elite lovers began looking for the perfect spherical object – and the perfect vacuum. Highlights of their research were widely spread and given to us through the electromagnetic pulses that turned into sound waves. Their research was based on the asking of simple questions “Hey Joe, tell me where you’re going with that gun in your hand?” “Bila mpira utacheza aje gamu ya kandanda?” “Ain’t I a woman?” “Do you know who you’re fighting for?” The biggest problem was finding vacuums that match objects. Most spherical objects that they found were made of substances that break within vacuums  or substances that are actively broken by vacuums. It seemed to be a useless task. Some lovers gave up, many lovers died.

But then a few days ago, somewhere in a dark corner of the universe there was a glimpse, and this small bit of information was revealed to us. Already theorists all over are giddy over the prospects, but many stay grim, there is still much to be done.

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