you know how some people answer questions some times?

 Truth? You want to know of truth?

But surely there are other things to talk about. Just last week I met this guy who knew nothing of what he was talking about. He went around telling everyone that the world is round, just like that. He pointed to the sky, and said something about how it meets the ground. I mean, yeah, that’s weird but everyone knows light bends once it has travelled to a certain distance. Why, the madman even wanted to go by himself to prove it. We couldn’t allow for there to be any instances of falling off the edge of the earth, how could we explain it to the council? By the time we got to filling the forms, writing up every detail all to prove what? Something we already knew? That’s absurd.

Haven’t answered the question? Of course I have I told you everything I know. Oh, the question about truth? Well, you see it’s not that complicated. There was this lady who wanted to go home and she had the nerve to sit on a chair. Now you have to understand everyone can sit on chairs, chairs are for sitting but when there’s not enough chairs, there’s not enough chairs. It just makes sense. Someone has to do something for the space to be comfortable. There’s no need to go around causing trouble. Sometimes it is important to remember how the world is, how the world always will be and just accept your place. We all have


to play. Now make me a sandwhich. Don’t you know the way to man’s heart is through his stomach? Once again you don’t understand. You want me to love you but you don’t want to make me love you. This is a two way street. You know how it is, sometimes it’s rough out there we just need to make in here better for us. And the best thing to do is to just do the things we’re supposed to do, can’t you see? It’s the only way.

Wait, you’re still asking me about truth? What truth is there but that the world is an abstract and horrible place. That there is only one way to go around the notion of being here one day and not the next. What truth is there but death, and if we even doubt the permanence of that then what truth is there?

 But, what are you asking? What question could you possibly have asked that I haven’t answered. Truth? You’re still talking about that? I think I’ve been very clear on the matter. I’m honestly tired of explaining it to you but I’ll do it one more time then I’m going to sleep. Listen closely.

Truth is a tricky thing sometimes it exists, sometimes it doesn’t but most times it’s like trying to catch the wind that follows the hawk after it’s taken that piece of chicken from your hand on visiting day. That chicken that you had spent the last 3 weeks dreaming about as you ate nyagus na sembe. Nyagus, in irony. It really was really a piece of meat drowning in a sea of potatoes. Starch on starch on starch, every single meal. Watching the last piece of chicken taken away by another bird and pulling at the wind as if the air will co-opt itself into your plan.

You still want the truth? But surely I’ve said it all. How much more do you want me to tell you? Just the truth? I don’t understand your question, I’m sorry. I’m tired – allow me to sleep. I promise to pick up on this soon. The truth, that’s interesting…

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