The problem with sweeping everything under the rug is that it gets moldy. Eventually you need to clean all that stuff up in order to stay healthy, in order to stay alive.

Eventually that stuff will kill you.


I’m wondering why the discussion on disposability and care is only opened up for a few hours after a tragedy. It is as if our lives have become a series of expressing grief and solidarity. The numbers stack themselves, the bodies cover themselves.


“I’m tired

of writing

about death”


“We’re tired




Questions: Will there be any proper restorative action? Will there be any thinking? Or will we just have othering reactionary bullshit?

(A question is never answered until the answer is the question)

In asking, some questions answer themselves. The information presented makes it clear that there is nothing much that is willing to change.

And that change is going to come.

If the gunk under the carpet is being noisy, stomp harder.

 A summary of our national policies. We have oppressed, repressed and suppressed for so long we have forgotten what we look like.

“At least four people were killed and more than 40 wounded today when masked gunmen stormed a college in a Kenyan town near the border with Somalia, trapping students inside and exchanging gunfire with security forces over several hours.”

City Press

Until we are reminded that our bodies are fallible. Until we refuse to see the people that have died. Until we start cleaning, sweeping something else under the rug and stomping as hard as we can.




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