There will always be


but, increasingly,

he has been

reminded to find

a care that


One time too many is only a problem if the notion of one too many has been internalized to stand between the space created to separate nightmares from reality. Nightmares are something that we are meant to wake up from.

(dreamers know what I am talking about).

The real problem is that they are okay with your dreams

And not with your nightmares.

 (but what’s life without a little danger?)

But you don’t like your nightmares either.

If anything you have tried to explain that your nightmares scare you the most. That your nightmares have had your flinging yourself from the highest points of the highest buildings and hoping no one will catch you. That your nightmares are a blade and a bleeding. That your nightmares are an image that cannot be written.

She let out a

scream. Barely audible

 to anyone but the others

who were screaming.

She knew it wouldn’t


But it gave her pain


So you learned to dream in silence.

But it is not the nature of dreams to suffer silence gladly. So they left and you had nothing but nightmares. And you don’t understand why you can’t just go looking for your dreams.

“But no one’s saying you shouldn’t do that.”


But the problem is everyone is.

And you don’t know how to tell them they are.

So instead you sit in a corner and write up many different ways to say one thing. Hoping one day it will get through or, perhaps, it will be heard. Or maybe you just know that there are many others like you out there. Maybe what you really want to do is remind those that dream in silence that time has come to speak. Maybe what you really hope is that if enough of you speak a listening will be forced. Because maybe all you want to do is dream.

And for dreaming to be okay.

But till then you

gather sighs

to build a sighcastle.

So every sigher

can move in.

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