Somehow it has become easier to just not discuss the details of your plan. The blueprint, you understand, was made years ago by the people who forged the stars into droplets of pasts that were untouched by human fingers. this created universes that existed parallel to the thought of breaking down human existence to omena and sosa. The simple clarity of the idea carries with it the notion that the dark side of the moon existed before the pink Floyd album.

But even that, you realise, is beyond light.

The problem is, in order for this plan to work, you need to find a way to walk into the centre of the sun without getting a tan. They have told you that it is not possible. They have reminded you that, despite how often you tighten the reigns the ship that you are riding in will not survive the gravitational pull of six dwarves and a broken pencil.

You know they are right. You have seen victims crawl back, pieces of lead buried deep inside their shoulders. You have heard the dwarves laughing on their way home, singing their triumphant song long before they have even had a single thing to drink.

Kwa maana imeonekana una uwoga huwezi jua ni namna gani utapata haya maneno. Zaidi ya hayo kichwa ni chombo cha kubeba Uwezo wa mwanadamu. Labda ni rahisi kuunganisha maneno na fikra bila kuongezea chumvi kwenye supu ya ubinafsi. Na hiyo ni kusema the things that bother us can only be as large as the space between our index fingers and ideas of a self.

7 reasons to exist imagine our silences as ways we speak our consent. You have touched your tongue to the glass and it is stuck, leaving behind traces of bacteria that you swallowed when you first tasted the juices that she served you that night in her apartment.

You wish she gave it to the dwarves, that they could colour the tips of the pencils blue. Instead, you are left talking in colours that they have never seen, nor mind to see. You have sculpted music that they do not know where to place in the palaces of their imagination.

So now you sit in silence, thinking. Wondering if it will be easier to just launch your ship.

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