being there with (again)

In the absence of truth there is confusion; the essence of truth.

– Reggie Watts


In truth the whole idea of truth has truly revealed to us some very true things. This follows certain notions that we had since been led to believe turning themselves on their heads. This remains to be something that we know, but do not understand. Which is odd because these are not things that we are incapable of understanding. Instead we resign ourselves to functionality. We fold, bend and break in several places/ways to inhabit a space of unimagination. We have been unfathomed, and it is towards this unfathoming that we decide to work.

This, of course, is a source of confusion for many many people. To several people the path to unimagination is paved by too many instances of violent erasure that it becomes unbearable. To these people it is unimaginable to be unimagined.


This is a cold war, you better know who you’re fighting for.

– Janelle Monae


These kids want something new I swear it,

something they wanna say but couldn’t cos they’re embarrassed

– Childish Gambino


Something made us imagine that we had to go back to find this thing. That the answers to the present lie rooted in the past. This, of course, was partly true. The idea of a present without the context of a past is silly. Now is only a culmination of everything since. And, without knowing since, we can’t truly know now. What we forgot is without seeing now we cannot know now either. So we went back, looking for traces of past selves in mirrors, mirrors on the wall. Forgetting that we will never be fair. And in never being fair, that will never be a fair question.

But it is still a question we are forced to grapple with.

“hawaamini spider web zikishikana zinaweza kufunga simba”

– Rabbit

“You are surrounded by love, participate”




… but what happens when we look up, around, sideways, down? What does it mean to try to see? And, in seeing, what does it mean to imagine? And, in imagining, what does it mean to be there and to be there with?

How do we stay engaged?

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