Let The Games Begin

You have always had the thing that you needed to have to go to the place that you wanted to go to if you had the time. But the problem was that susan from HR wouldn’t let you go because antony from finance was hitting on otieno from  procurement. Instead of going ahead and talking to susan you went round in circles and did the only logical thing you could think of.

This, of course, was no ordinary day and, in being no ordinary day, you do admit that you were thinking in no ordinary way. The entire idea of music that came from within the ideas that were lodged inside the two dolls sitting on the edge of a plastic dollhouse, wondering if they should do it. By the time you had decided to go looking for those dolls they were forgotten and tossed in the dumpster by some kid who imagined that the internet was more important than the imagination.

This would be well and good if you weren’t only just now trying to find the idea of music. If you had decided to find other ideas, perhaps, you would have been fine. You would have found the two ideas that your parents had hidden in the textbooks that were given to you by that nice young man from down the road. You would have even found the many other ideas that were lying on the road outside the place where you were born. But you didn’t want these ideas and, in not wanting them, you never looked for them and, in not looking for them, you never knew that they existed. You were, however aware that ideas that you had never fathomed existed and you were fine with that because you were very fixated on this one idea.

Except this very idea was also the most elusive. Even if you did find the dumpster that it was thrown in you would not find the dolls there. And, even if you found the dolls you would not find the idea. You did not know this. You only knew that last time you had seen the idea it had been lodged in some dolls and thrown behind a dumpster. You only knew how to go back to look for it, not how to go forward to find it.

With this being the only knowledge you had you went on long journeys into the past looking following traces of this idea. Spotted somewhere in 1969. Seen again roaming the earth in 1864. 1654. 1325. 109. 1. These are only traces. Every time you have managed to catch up with these traces you have found that, while deceiving, they weren’t it. Most things shone in comparison. Others dulled. But none were the brightness that you were looking for. None showed you the things this idea had showed you.

You are now chasing another thread. It might be a trace, it might be another dead end. But this chase, you think, will be different. Because now you know.

And they know you know.

And you know that they know you know.

And they know you know that they know that you know.

And that makes it a whole other game.

iko mechi.

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