Poem 5

It is a well known fact that the very ideas that create the fabric of space time were based on the amount of time it would take a monkey to breath the words like a baby’s bottom. Thus creating an existence where the layers between us and them, them and us were no longer just layers but coral, a crushing pile of human bodies. And that our very journey of existence will forever be coloured by notions of freedom inside a mango and pilipili.

Lakini kabla tuendelee kuna mambo mengi yanayofanyika, yanayotendeka. Na kusema mambo haya yanatendeka si kusema la au kuimba wimbo ya mwewe na nyuki. La sivyo tuengeendelea katika lugha ya english. Because what really matters is trying to understand the distance between Morocco and the origin of all beetles. Existential beetles are not just the thing that we imagine them to be. Instead they are the colours of yellow bees, buzzing




in the trees.

creating tonnes of honey.

These are all things we knew but I decided to repeat them incase perhaps we have forgotten them, or dropped them on the side of the road next to the ideas we had of our profile pictures.


On the other hand it could be said that the whole idea behind the magic that has been put inside the caskets that we are prepacked is rearing to go.

Then there is a stillness

(do you see now?)

Rainbows. Like butterflies. Like birds. Like an iPhone 6. Like a broken tear. Like a boy forgotten by the dreams of her body. Like the entrapments of an unwritten report, a broken record and two mistakes indistinguishable from each other.

Like the ideas

Of rain, falling upon a misplaced star dancing with no shoes on, sticking their tongue out, singing to the moon and watching the paint explode onto a rock.


Individual 1


Where can we decide to flag down the couriers of our souls?

Individual 2


Inside the path that covers what has become and what we shall make. The only idea worth having will be ideas worth having. How do we learn from nothing?


Individual 2

March 7th

But what else can teach us?

Individual 1


Gaps in space time. Or the fact that, in the future – I become you.


Individual 2


I don’t think they get it

Individual 1

(undecided as to where in time to be)

Do you?

Individual 2

65 x 2 = 130

I never have.

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