Five Kenyans Walk Into a Bar


“Men will be free to marry as many women as they please.”

–          Daily Nation

Men, married, will now be free to collect more wives.

Or, like clothes, men can keep collecting as they please.

Maybe, being pleased, a man can marry as many wives as he chooses.

Choice, being only available to some areas in society, allows for others to be denied their agency.

The room swallows me whole.


“ every little, two-bit Somali has a big dream – to blow us up, knock down our buildings and slaughter our children.”

–          Daily Nation

The human being is composed of tiny particles, known as bits. The real measure of how human one can, or cannot be is on the bit-scale.

A two bit human being cannot exist.

A two bit Somali is worse.

Or perhaps, when identity becomes an insult.






(why do we have to be proud to be?)

Get them out of here.


All we are trying to do is find a way to navigate

but the compass needle

can’t see the difference

between them

and us.


“A Ugandan man was burnt alive by an angry mob for allegedly being gay.”

–          IB Times

We have chosen to survive

(or, when existence becomes a radical political act)


Still looking for ways to speak.


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