The Other Kenyans

#KenyaDecides was the hashtag that everyone used on social media while tracking the elections. People took tweetpics of everything all the way down to their ballot papers. Later on the New Inquiry got a bunch of writers to put together a supplement called #KenyaRefuses about the rejection of the general election’s results. The math just didn’t add up to these writers and, to be fair, to several other people too.

The thing is the way the evidence is stacked it makes perfect sense for anyone to be skeptical. The IEBC took eons to get the results back and, when they finally did, Isaac Hassan refused to swear to their authenticity. Then there was the fact that the presidential election had one million more votes than the other elections. And so forth, and so fifth and so sixth.

This, however, is not another blog about how flawed the elections were.

Part of the theory to do with parallel universes asserts that the second you make a decision an alternate universe is created where the reverse decision was made. This means that, according to sci-fi, somewhere out there exists a universe where Mr Odinga won the elections.

This is an interesting thought. And it has been nagging at me. What is happening in this universe where our ex-PM, VIP Lounge sufferer, factory builder, man of the(his) people and self proclaimed good guy won the elections?

To put this into perspective I am assuming he won the elections under the same dubious circumstances that Mr Freedom clinched his victory. Is Gathara still writing his scalding blog posts? Is Okiya Omtatah still dashing to court to get last minute victories? Does the ICC Witnesses Project exist?

Or, perhaps, the TJRC report is different. Maybe the report exposes the current ruling patriarchy. It talks about Mr Freedoms 30,000 acres and re-allocation of the Kenyatta wealth across the country without speaking of His Rutynessess private jet. The Media in that universe must sing the praises of Raila Odinga. They say how he is taking strides to build the country. Was Kibaki’s legacy as proudly sung?

Did the alternate universe’s elections go peacefully? Were we still drummed through and through with the message stay peaceful? In alternate Kenya, with alternate Uhuru as leader of the opposition, is the opposition actually being an opposition? Or are they just whining and licking their scars like the opposition we have here?

Does the alternate Kenya still cry for truth? Or did it just let the victory slide because it was to be a change in the ruling elite? Are alternate Kenyans still as disposable as we are? Are alternate Kenyans living in fear of their lives, being threatened by their police boss?  Is their space for the gay community in alternate Kenya? Is there space for women in alternate Kenya?

How did alternate Raila’s first 100 days go? Did he mark them with fanfare in the media too? Did alternate Uhuru get to use the VIP lounge? Does alternate Boniface still bleed pigs in the streets? Do alternate Kenyans still have a voice? Or do they sit, write and wonder how things could be in an alternate universe?

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