Campus Divas or Just Facebook being Facebook?

A friend recently called a page on facebook to my attention. The page is called, and you can’t make this up, Campus Divas for Rich Men. Basically it is a page where these girls from Campuses around the country come to whore themselves out to Rich men. They display sexy, or otherwise, photos of themselves and “allegedly” organise sex parties and things like that.

*insert rant about the immorality of the whole thing*

Now that that’s over with lets look at the other side of things. With the unemployment rate standing at 40% odds of these girls getting jobs are slim to none. Furthermore the venture capitalists are spending a great deal of their time sniffing around for start-ups to invest in. Well, here’s one for them. Sex sells anyway does it not? Start a website of this type and you could have a couple of high end… err.. Campus end escorts working for you making tonnes of money. Of course, strictly speaking, that would make you a pimp.

And you must applaud these girls on some level. I mean they are not asking for money to do nothing. No, they are asking for tonnes of money to do something, or more or less someone. Given they didn’t go about it in the most subtle of ways but it’s happening all the time. Girls are getting sugar daddies more than they are getting manicures. There are places all over town where you can get a girl of marketable morals at a debatable price. In fact I once met a lady who was willing to agree with me on an issue of religion if I bought her coffee at java.

I think the only thing these ladies can be told off about is being irrevocably stupid. Seriously, rich men are not on facebook.


Seriously speaking, Isn’t prostitution illegal? This must break the law on at least 7 different levels.

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