The Downer

If I cast gloom upon the room,

Speak of death, and impending doom,

Keep darkness hidden behind my eyes,

In advance, I must apologize.


If I don’t fit your view of happiness,

Remind you of your loneliness,

Rain on your parade, dull your story,

For that, I’m deeply sorry.


If my presence makes you feel uneasy,

My heavy silence makes your inside queasy,

My face hard, my jaw tight set,

It seems I must express regret.


If my laughter seems to fade away,

My demons seem too large to slay,

My sorrow forever stays with me,

I pray that you may forgive me.


If glint and gleam no longer my eye,

And every sentence punctuated by sigh,

My problems to you I always bludgeon,

Then I truly beg your pardon.


Ignore my silence if you will,

Amidst my depression my soul is still,

There is peace within this misery,

So please, please don’t bother me.

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