Forget Teaching A Man To Fish, Just Pay Him

So according the Kenya Universities Students association the government should give Diploma and Degree holders who are unemployed a monthly stipend of KES 5,000 and KEs 10,000 respectively. This, they think is the minimum amount that they will need while tarmacking. Seeing as the government has failed to provide the youth with jobs then they might as well give them the salary to sit on their bums and twiddle their thumbs. After all writers make a great deal of money off twiddling their thumbs so why is it that unemployed students can’t do the same. They have made a stand, enough is enough.

And it must be the government’s fault. I mean, forget the fact that there has been an influx of FDI in the country. Forget the fact that there is the youth fund – which might just find itself as a microfinance institute. Forget the fact that the internet is opening up the world to a whole new level of entrepreneurship. It must be blamed on the government. After all, it really can’t be the youth who are to blame. Didn’t they do their part? They went to school, biblically; everyday. Just like society told them. No one told them that they would have to actually get off their own lazy bums and look for work.

Furthermore, as explained a fortnight ago everyone knows that they should be paid to do the things that they are paid to do.

So why not pay people for things that they are not paid to do? So I agree with this assertion.  In fact, I will go ahead and give you one more.

Seeing as we are asking the government to sponsor us in the things that we don’t need to do this is my formal request to the government. I’d like them to establish a fund toward giving me a monthly stipend of half a million shillings. This will go towards several causes like the “buy Michael a Lamborghini cause” and the “get Michael a private hangar project.” The rest will be wasted on trivial matters like food and clothing.

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