I Hear Maldives is Great This Time of the Year

If you haven’t heard about it here’s the story. Teachers at Machakos Boys School have decided that the parents have to pay Ksh 2,500 to send them on holiday to Mombasa. They decided that they needed the motivation to teach and that a trip to Mombasa would be the only way to get it. Forget the fact that only one of their students was in the top one hundred in eastern province, they demand their holiday.

I think this will go to raising the level of public schools to the standards of private schools. We have always argued that the public schooling system needs to pull up its socks. Well there you go. It is common knowledge that parents at St George’s Secondary school are paying Ksh 7000 a year to send the teachers to Dubai so why is it that we complain when our public school teachers want to go to Mombasa?

And it makes perfect sense. The MPs get to steal our taxes, the policemen get to take whatever’s left and the city council officers have free access to our wallets. In the scope of civil service in Kenya the teachers seem to get the shorter end of the stick. In this day and age everyone needs to get paid to do for what they are paid to do. Why just the other day the watchman at the office refused to let me in because I hadn’t given him his mandatory 20 bob for three days.

So why don’t we give them their holiday? In fact, while we are at it I think we should organise such motivation schemes for everyone. Think of the value you will get if everyone is motivated. Furthermore think of the money the guy who runs a little shack somewhere in Mombasa will make. Motivation is key, a happy worker makes for a happy boss. That’s just how it is.

 I, for one, will go on to suggest that all writers in Kenya get funding for a one week trip to the Maldives. Now, while this might sound outlandish the donation we will b asking for is nothing more than a measly one hundred bob from each of our readers. Failure to this donation I suggest we put down our pens, go stand on parliament road with eloquent plaques and sing bado mapambano. After all if my watchman can demand something small, surely you guys owe me as well.

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