Safaricom, Blackberry and Professionals.

I have a blackberry. It is an old model, the bold 9000. It really isn’t much to look at and every once in a while the screen flickers. Yet I love my phone to bits; except for the battery life bit, that sucks. So renewing my services is something I do every month, and I have for a while. This month though I wanted to change pay plans (new job, I need more email), so I tried, and failed. No harm though in the modern age you can always get help from the professionals Right?






It seemed pretty redundant to me that I have to wait until it expires. Anyway today morning I woke up bright and early and made sure I renewed my bundle before I used the 1000 bob airtime on pointless calls, let alone calls with a point. Again I got the message “You already have an active blackberry service that expires on 10 – Jul – 2012” I felt like replying “That’s today!” Instead I did this.



And here’s is where it got fun:




@Woozie_M BB phones are so smart they come with reminders its time you put them to use.@SafaricomLtd @BlackBerrykenya — Bethwel®(@bkoskei) July 10, 2012 @Woozie_M Good, then switch off phone and your apps won’t run. Activate first thing you wake up.@SafaricomLtd @BlackBerrykenya

— Bethwel®(@bkoskei) July 10, 2012


In case you were wondering the Bethwell guy is one of the customer care reps and The other guy (Cyril) works for Mamuma networks, blackberry’s leading support company in Nairobi (the little shop in hurlingham)

So that was my morning and I don’t know who was more bored. Them for taking their time to seek me out and try to make me look like an idiot, or me for taking the time to compile all this information and post it here.

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