The King is Dead

Somewhere along Mombasa road there is a small subsidiary road. The name of this road is Beijing road. Along this Beijing road there is a block of apartments, they are called “great wall apartments.”I kid you not, you can check it out on Google maps if you want to. The Ft wealth already wrote an article on Eastleigh, which has been dubbed little Somalia, and we all know Githurai is full of Sudanese, Karen is full of White people and Hurlingham has Ethiopians.

This seem a little puzzling, I mean we already know that the states is full of little immigrations of people from all over the world but surely at 9,826,675 km² they can afford to have people from everywhere living there. Meanwhile, our beloved Kenya standing at its meagre 580,367 km² is bursting at the seams. Before you read on I should start with a disclaimer, this is not a xenophobic post that will end with kill all people whose names do not start with O or M. It’s just a question really? Where did all the Kenyans go?

However, let us not go into the fact that the Kenyan is an endangered species, no. Let us go back to the Chinese man. With over one billion of them in the world it seems pretty obvious that they are taking over. Take a look at Kenya, they are building our roads, naming our roads, building our apartments, building our malls, starting banks and eating our dogs.

Not only are the Chinese taking over the country, they are taking over the worlds. Forbes shows that China’s banks took almost a third of total bank profits in the world in 2011. The Chinese are already buying out car companies with their not so recent buying of Volvo and the speculation that they may be making a move of getting Range Rover from India. Not to even mention the fact that China owns US’s national debt.

This revolution obviously has me a little worried. If the Chinese manage to take over the world will we all be forced to change out idols away from western world musicians and focus on Chinese hip hop? Will Snoop Doggy Chang be born? Perhaps maybe we will have to read Chinese literature (at least that is pretty good). Will television go back to the age of kung fu? Most importantly will we have to keep cows as pets and dogs for food?

Mainly though it had me thinking about the rise and fall of societies. Ever since the Ming dynasty through to the Roman rule a society that has seemed unstoppable reaches its peak, and then falls flat on its face to the next conqueror. No single society has managed to last forever. SO I decide to take this time to right a toast to the reign of the United States of America. To the country that brought us McDonalds and capitalism. To the country that brought us the CIA, NSA, NCIS, NYPD and other deadly acronyms. The United States of America, it corrupted our youth, gave us rock and roll, and took part in every major war since the 1600s. So, for the second time in a row on this place, I will end in a toast. Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for mourning. Here’s a goodbye to America. The King is dead, long live the Chang.

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