New Beginnings

I saw the signs,
The tree frozen by cold and wind,
Slowly dying inside,
All that was left of its majesty a shell.

I saw the signs,
The wind, bothered by the trees’ cold
Blew harder and harder to keep it warm
Blew through the branches of the old oak

I saw the signs,
The leaves fell slowly from the branches,
The tree bare at its prime,
Frantically reached to cover its nakedness

I saw the signs,
The snow, fearing for the trees’ modesty
Fell to the ground and covered it up
A tree covered in a thin sheet of white ice

I saw the signs,
A bud slowly hanging on to the tree
The sun peeking from behind the clouds,
Comforting snow melting away,
Warming wind stopped blowing
Spring is here, all will be well

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