Last I Checked Government is Unconstitutional

Of late it has come to my attention that the hugest pitfall since the beginning of human history was in the idea that we somehow could bestow the power to lead on one of our kind and expect he or she not to become lost by it. We see it all over the television, the ideal way to handle power with grace, demeanour and justice. We all go tutt tutt and shake our heads when we see His Mugabeness on television and tell our children when you grow up you should not be a leader like that. I agree they shouldn’t. No one should. In fact I think we should abolish this whole thing of leadership and being led. It stems from our inner gut instinct to have someone to put the blame on.

And it is getting tiring. In countries where the free press has been brought up without a harness the leaders are not even free to have a meal without everyone speculating on how it will affect the policy changes of the country in relation to some other country whose name ends in –stan. We seem to have a knack for throwing things on the shoulders of leaders and leaders, because they have been taught so, take this burden on. Some with grace some without grace but they take it on none the less and carry the pressures of a thousand people on their shoulders and these same thousand people do not want their leaders to relieve their stress say with sex, alcohol or even to go duck hunting with their friend Cheney. No, it seems more and more that the leaders are meant to be someone there that is to be blamed for everything that has gone wrong in society.

Fuel prices are up? Blame the government. Your dog is stuck in a tree? It’s the cruddy governments fault why are there so many trees about anyway? You have no job? Of

For what it's worth their really was one. The speaker threw his plate at someone.

course it is in the government’s best interest to create some sort of employment for you, god forbid you actually get of your lazy bum and look for a means to fend for yourself. No, it can’t be because we as human beings need someone to blame. It is inherent within us, so much more so in this modern society that we have created where being wrong is a crime and making a mistake is punishable by death. In this modern day the first word a child learns to say is “mama” closely followed by “It wasn’t my fault.” Absolve yourself is the first motto of anything.

Of course it would be completely ludicrous for me to ramble on and say that shift happens, we just need to get it under ctrl. It is this non compliance that is the corner stone of capitalism. The Darwinian theory and all other things that they teach you in college while you are asleep in the back of the class. No, it would not make sense to say that we are only human and error should be accepted because that would be calling ourselves to our lower standard. That being said we let this “Naomba Serekali” attitude to go on leading our lives. We can’t keep looking to lay the blame on our leaders. That is why I am suggesting that we abolish leadership.

It is really quite simple actually. We will start at the highest and simplest level and abolish government. That will probably be simple enough. People are always complaining of how they would do better off without the lazy scum anyway. Once that is out of the way we can slowly work our way down to mid management. Of course bosses would still exist but that wouldn’t be leadership per se, just a higher pay grade and more responsibility. There would be no one to blame because there would be no one with any abstract responsibilities.

In fact I will go first and say we start with declaring presidency illegal. To be fair there is no one who could even do the country any good in that seat and maybe finally we could have Kenyans getting up in the morning and doing something for themselves, or staying in bed and knowing that the blame lies squarely on their own shoulders. Alternatively, we could legalise prostitution and open a special branch on parliament road.

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