Homicidal Silence

Soon my silence shall be the death of me,
Plunging into a darkness of anonymity,
Fleeing from mirrors,
Vanquish the thought,
Soon my quest shall come to naught.
Soon I shall drown in my melancholy,
Chasing at shadows that are standing still,
Fighting for acceptance,
Vanquish the thought,
Running after dreams that stand in the same spot.
Soon the serene will strangle me,
Dangling from a rope of insecurity,
Breaking my resistance,
Vanquish the thought,
Learning from the very same lessons I taught.
Soon I shall be swallowed by civility,
Hiding behind a cloak of humility,
Dreading my power,
Vanquish the thought,
Giving answers to questions, where none were sought.
Soon there will be no more struggle in me,
Teetering on the edge of insanity,
Cowing from battles,
Vanquish the thought,
Beaten by armies that I could have fought.
Soon my silence shall be the death of me,
Unhinged, uncaged, undeniably free
Swooning in irrelevance,
Vanquish the thought,
Perish completely, my name, forgot.

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