When Hunger Strikes

So there is a member of parliament who chose to go on hunger strike following the confirmation of the 4 most dangerous people in the country at this point in time.  This struck me as extremely funny. Not the confirmation, that is dreadfully serious and, seeing as this is a place where serious things are avoided, let me just put an end to all politics and say that I believe the Ekatrina 4 (or whatever nickname they have been given) deserve to be punished. Now that all the hullabaloo is out of the way what I found funny was the fact that one of our politicians thinks that he could go through with a hunger strike. I’m sorry what? These same men that are hiking their salaries by 20% every other year and sitting fat in parliament everyday half asleep think that they have the ability to go without food in protest.

Even further they are not in protest of anything that is worth being in protest over. I mean, I would understand if they went on strike because the size of mandazi in the August house on parliament road has reduced. I would have been a little more sympathetic if they went on protest because the Society for Protection against Cruelty for Animals had confiscated Mr, sorry, Dr Mwai’s poodle. This however must be one of the most foolish, selfish and generally stupid reasons to go on hunger strike. The man who was possible behind the killings of tens of thousands of people has been charged with just that and you decide that you want to go on hunger strike.

I mean, what is they aim of the hunger strike? What does he hope to achieve? Seriously I can’t even begin to imagine Lady Justice Ekatrina coming back out and saying “Okay, fine we did confirm Mr Freedom but seeing as a Member of Parliament in Kenya has decided that he will not be sticking any food into his overpaid palette we have since decided to review our decision and let said suspect go free.” To be honest I can imagine The Lady Justice doing exactly what I did when she hears about the news, bursting into laughter for exactly ten seconds and then proceeding to go on with whatever other dictator she is busy putting behind bars. So what then is the point of this said hunger strike? What does he want? Even the university students in Kenya normally have demands that are to be met to stop their ever so common strikes. Given that sometimes they are out of touch with reality but there is always a goal to the strike even if it only is to spite KPLC.

I think that the politician in question was a spoilt child. Listen to the rant he is putting in it is like when a kid holds their breath until you give them something they want, no matter how impossible it is. Anyway seeing as politicians are meant to be the leaders of our country I think that they, obviously, know best I have decided to follow their lead. I shall now go on hunger strike until David Beckham decides to agree to give me a manicure.

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